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Starting a renovation? Here’s what you should know

While a luxury renovation is an exciting project to embark on, it’s understandable to feel a little daunted by the scale of the task at hand. All the fixtures to choose from… the endless different colour palettes… and whether or not to opt for the open plan kitchen? We’re sure there are plenty of questions running through your mind.

Before you focus on the finer details, begin by taking a look at the bigger picture. From our many years of experience, we’ve pinpointed the things that every renovator should either know or expect at the start of the process.

Establish your goals 

Creating a home you love isn’t the be-all and end-all of every renovation goal. Think carefully about exactly what you want to achieve with the finished result. Are you more motivated by adding value to the property, or building it around your lifestyle and preferences? 

Younger buyers don’t typically see their first renovation as a forever home. Instead, they may plan to sell the property in the years after the renovation is complete, with an aim to upsize with their next move. In this case, tactical decisions should be made about what adds the most value to the property, and appeals to a large pool of potential buyers. Two popular examples would be adding another bathroom or getting an attic conversion.

On the other hand, older buyers are more likely to prioritise their comfort and improving the property’s functionality – in which case, they may make decisions based on what will benefit them personally. 

Spend time in the space

The best way to truly get to know a property is by living it. You’ll discover which areas are most in need of work and exactly what that work will entail. Ultimately, it’s about finding out where your priorities lie. 

This applies to both the big structural decisions and more decorative touches. By using taster pots of paint on walls throughout the house, you’ll see which colours look best with varying amounts of natural light. You may change your mind on choices you previously thought were set in stone.

Manage expectations of timelines

Many issues with properties are only fully revealed once the renovation has begun. Finding unexpected damp, outdated plumbing or cracks in your foundation is never ideal, but these discoveries are an unfortunately common part of the process – especially with older properties. 

Likewise, everything from removing old fixtures to sourcing new materials could take longer than you anticipate for a whole range of reasons. Whilst Clarks Construction will do their utmost to avoid them, delays do occur. When taking on a luxury renovation, a team approach is key. So, expect the unexpected and work together with your contractor and architect to achieve your goals.

Secure your financial plan 

These unwanted surprises can come at a cost. Whether you’re paying for your renovation with savings or taking out a mortgage, ensure there’s some leeway in your budget. Experts recommend a buffer of around 20% on top of your budget to cover any additional work that’s required.

Choose the right contractor 

You want to work with a contractor who’s going to realise your vision perfectly – and that’s not going to be the case with every builder you come across. For a better idea of whether a contractor is the best fit for your requirements, take a look at some of their completed projects to see if their capabilities are aligned with your plans. 

Luxury renovation and office fit out services from Clarks Construction

At Clarks Construction, we specialise in luxury renovations and understand the high expectations that come with them. To help your renovations go as smoothly as possible, we provide a personal, end-to-end service with the highest standards of workmanship. To learn more about all we can do for you, get in touch today.