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  1. Swanbourne House School Science Department

    Construction & Refurbishment for Independent Schools

    Independent schools are becoming increasingly popular among families looking for a high-quality education for their children. As a result, many independent schools are undergoing construction work with the help of a professional builder to accommodate the growing student population and improve the overall learning environment. As a premium construction company and builder with a reputation…

  2. renovated living room clarks construction

    Starting a renovation? Here’s what you should know

    While a luxury renovation is an exciting project to embark on, it’s understandable to feel a little daunted by the scale of the task at hand. All the fixtures to choose from… the endless different colour palettes… and whether or not to opt for the open plan kitchen? We’re sure there are plenty of questions…

  3. 6 Benefits Of An Office Refurbishment

    6 Benefits Of An Office Refurbishment

    When you know there are other areas of your business you want to invest in, a new office fitout may feel like an unnecessary expense. But really, a luxury refurbishment is far more than a vanity project, with a host of benefits that go way beyond surface appeal.  As your dedicated office refurbishment contractors, we’ve…

  4. Ideal Home Refurbishment

    4 Tips For The Ideal Home Refurbishment

    If you’re looking into your next property investment, you may be considering buying with the intention to renovate. You may be wondering where to start when it comes to planning for a residential refurbishment. The good news is that luxury refurbishment can be an exciting venture that doesn’t have to be too complicated. This article…