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Listed wonders and teamwork

Listed building refurbishments are a regular occurrence at Clarks Construction Ltd and the Grade II listed ‘Vine Tree House’ in Buckinghamshire was certainly one we will remember. As you will see from the photo’s (nearing completion), with the help of an inspired client and architectural vision from Tempietto Architects a truly wonderful blend of exposed brick, refurbished oak beams, and even a glass topped illuminated well, made this project a real delight and a pleasure to be part of.

The property had many uses over the years including a hotel, art gallery and most recently offices (qualifying the project for a reduced rate in VAT). This set us up to encounter some unexpected discovery’s some good, some costly and some a window into this property’s rich history. All this contributed to a challenging project that put our in-house and sub-contracted team to the test, however we worked hard with the client and design team to achieve a great testament to why it’s so important to keep our ‘listed wonders’ alive.

Vine Tree House is also a great example as to why we think teamwork and working closely with our clients and design teams is so important. It is crucial to have all parties involved as much as possible and we work hard to assist our clients in achieving their vision. We take pleasure in offering alternative routes in terms of design and supply of material/products throughout the project. If we see a way in which our clients can save money without affecting the quality or design, we will be the first to bring these up for discussion.

At Clarks Construction we feel that working on listed buildings not only helps keep our country’s rich heritage alive it also furthers our knowledge and depth of experience as professionals. Listed buildings are always bespoke and full of twists and turns and so require a team, such as ours, capable of standing up to the challenge. This makes us more able to stay on programme, in budget and up to our high standard. This contributes to our clients (and design teams) satisfaction and is what we strive to achieve as we pride ourselves on repeat business which has been integral in keeping our company going for so long.